A Short Note On Radiologists

Radiologists are those clinical technicians who assist the doctors in their treatment through the operation of medical imaging. These technicians are armed with the needed medical merit to analyze medical problems through X-ray. The article here is a brief overview on the radiologists.

The radiologists can sub-specialize in a diverse array of fields like pediatric imaging, interventional radiology, cardiac imaging, musculoskeletal imaging and breast imaging.

There are mainly 3 forms of radiology.

  • The first one is diagnostic imaging which deploys generic X-ray radiology, CT, MRI, ultrasound & nuclear-medicine imaging- to get the images that further help in interpreting proper diagnosis of a disease.
  • The second one is Interventional radiology. The interventional radiologists can both diagnose and treat diseases through imaging equipments. These technicians might sub-specialize further in treating spinal cord, blood vessel  or brain abnormalities. Interventional radiology involves minimally invasive treatment procedures which are generally performed with thin tiny instruments.
  • The third one is radiation oncology. The radiation oncologists are specialized in diagnosing and treating cancer-related diseases with radiation therapy.

To be a radiologist you must have a bachelor’s degree in science. After finishing your bachelor’s study, you have to enroll yourself into a 4-year medical course through MCAT. After 4 years of medical study, you would have to take up a residency training. The residency training for radiologists will take somewhat like 3-7 years- you would be offered practical training on diagnostic radiology & medical imaging physics.

Once you have completed medical school, you will enter into a residency program. A residency, also known as a hospital residency, is a training program that takes between three to seven years to finish. The hospital residency will deal with course work and hands-on training in diagnostic radiology and the physics of medical imaging. This would be further followed by fellowship.

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